BC Advocacy: Who to talk to in Burnaby

Adapted from Inclusion British Columbia’s Advocacy Guide 2015


We all want to live good, satisfying lives in our communities. Sometimes we need extra help or support to do that. If you’re having trouble getting the support you or your family member with a developmental disability needs, here are some steps to follow that may be useful.

Community Living British Columbia
If, following eligibility acceptance and planning with a facilitator, CLBC does not provide any support or inadequate levels of support or you feel that you have not been treated appropriately, there is an internal CLBC Complaint Resolution Process on their website:  https://www.communitylivingbc.ca/how-do-i-get-support/request-review-complaints-process/

Step 1:  File a Complaint

There are three ways to file a complaint:

CLBC Burnaby Office:
#203 – 4946 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC  V5G 4H7
Phone:         604-660-8124
Manager:    Sweetie Sanghera

Step 2: Regional Review

 A regional review will be conducted.  The response will include a decision, recommendation(s) to resolve the situation and information about additional steps you may take if you are not satisfied.

Step 3:  Review by CLBC’s Manager of Quality Assurance

  • If you are not satisfied following a review of the complaint you should contact CLBC’s Manager of Quality Assurance, Megan Tardif directly at 1-855-664-7972 or email:  ComplaintsResolutionCLBC@gov.bc.ca.
  • If you are not satisfied with the Quality Manager’s response, you will be invited to contact CLBC’s Chief Executive Officer who will conduct a review and submit a written decision to you within 10 days.
  • CLBC’s Chief Executive Officer:

Ross Chilton

At any time during the CLBC Complaints Resolution Process outlined above, you may also want to take the following steps:

 1.  Contact your Member of the Provincial Legislature (MLA):

Burnaby Deer Lake
Name:    Anne Kang
Address: 105 – 6411 Nelson Ave, Burnaby, BC, V7c 5R4
Phone: 604-775-0565
Email: anne.kang.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Burnaby Edmonds
Name:    Raj Chouhan
Address: 5234 Rumble Street
Burnaby, BC  V5J 2B6
Phone:    604-660-7301
Email:     raj.chouhan.mla@leg.bc.ca

Burnaby Lougheed
Name:    Katrina Chen
Address: Unit 3 – 8699. 10th Ave, Burnaby, BC, V3N 2S9
Phone:604 -660-5058
Email: katrina.chen.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Burnaby North
Name:    Janet Rutledge
Address: 1833 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5C 5R3
Email: janet.routledge.MLA@leg.bc.ca

2.  Call or email Inclusion BC

Inclusion BC’s mission is to advocate for children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. You can contact Inclusion BC if you need someone to advocate for you.
Advocacy Line (toll free): 1-844-488-4321
Advocacy Email: advocacy@inclusionbc.org
Web:       www.inclusionbc.org
Phone:    604-777-9100 |Toll Free: 1-800-618-1119
Contact: Karen De Long, Director of Community Development

3.  Contact the Advocate for Service Quality

The Advocate’s office works for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and transitioning youth with special needs and their families.
Name:     Leanne Dospital
E-mail:  ASQ@gov.bc.ca
Address: 820 – 999 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC  V5Z 1K5
Phone:    604-775-1238 |Fax:  604-660-1505
Web:      http://www.sdsi.gov.bc.ca/advocate/

4.  Contact the Minister responsible for Community Living BC (Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction)
E-mail:  sdpr.minister@gov.bc.ca
Phone: 250-356-7750

5.  Contact the opposition critic for the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction:
Phone: 250-952-7271
Email: marvin.hunt.mla@leg.bc.ca

6.  Contact the Premier of British Columbia
Email: premier@gov.bc.ca
Phone: (250) 387-1715

7.  Contact The Representative for Children and Youth

The Representative for Children and Youth supports children, youth and families who need help in dealing with the child-serving system. If your family member is a youth transitioning to CLBC’s adult services, or is between 19-24 years old, you can contact the office of The Representative for Children and Youth.
Jennifer Charlesworth
Email:     rcy@rcybc.ca
Secure Online Form:
Phone:    Toll-Free 1-800-476-3933.
Web:       https://www.rcybc.ca/ 

8.  The BC Ombudsperson

The ombudsperson is responsible for making sure that the administrative practices and services of public agencies are fair, reasonable, appropriate and equitable.
The ombudsperson is Jay Chalke. His six-year term as Ombudsperson started July 1, 2015.

  • an officer of the provincial legislature
  • independent of government and political parties

Phone:    Toll-free 1-800-567-3247
Web:      http://www.ombudsman.bc.ca/ 

9.  The Family Support Institute (FSI)

Staff in the FSI office can help navigate systems and connect you to other family members who are Volunteer Resource Parents for advice and support.
Phone:    604-540-8374 | Toll-free: 1-800-441-5403
Web:      http://www.familysupportbc.com

Some Other Advocacy Resources:

BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Council’s Advocacy Guide:


CLBC Whistleblower Policy:  If you are reporting suspected or known irregularities, including theft, fraud and corruption, impacting either CLBC or individuals supported by CLBC and for the protection of persons making such reports.


Clicklaw:  This site provides legal information, education and help for British Columbians.


Disability Alliance of British Columbia:  The Advocacy Access program is a place of support, information and one-to-one assistance for people with all disabilities.


Know Your Rights (Learning Disabilities Association of BC):