Our next meeting is March 12th, 2020 at BACI’s Still Creek Building

Please call Rachel if you would like to join us! 778-386-4046 or rachel.goddyn@gobaci.com


What does the BACI Advocacy Committee do? 

What really defines the work that goes on month after month, year after year as a small group of family members, friends and self-advocates work to make Burnaby and British Columbia a more welcoming place for people with disabilities?  We tell stories.  We tell stories to each other, to people in power and to the media. In the past year we have told stories about the stress on the family when you have a young adult who has turned 19 and has no place to go and nothing to do because there is no money for services. We tell stories about the dangerous places in Burnaby where sidewalks are not wheelchair friendly or lack curb-cuts. We tell stories about self-advocates who were left out of the Woodlands settlement and the confusion and hurt they feel. We tell stories about children who struggle to meet their potential while they sit on a waitlist for services.

Every year the stories told by the BACI Advocacy Committee members help make the City and Province a more welcoming place for everyone with a disability. If you have a story to tell, please contact Rachel on the Advocacy Committee at 778-386-4046or email rachel.goddyn@gobaci.com We look forward to hearing your story!


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