John and Leslie having fun at Playland

The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) has dedicated over 60 years to supporting children and youth with special needs and adults with developmental disabilities in becoming fully participating members of the Burnaby community, and in pursuing their interests and dreams.

BACI Family Support provides information and assistance to families who have a member with a developmental disability. There are a wide range of programs, both at BACI and in the wider community, to help create an inclusive, fulfilling and secure life for individuals of all abilities. Family Support Services connects people with programs and helps them navigate any problems they encounter along the way.

Our ongoing programs are:

  • A twice monthly music therapy groups for families with young children
  • A month support group for Chinese families who have children with autism and other disabilities
  • A bi-monthly e-newsletter with events and news of interest to Burnaby families.

Workshops are help periodically throughout the year. We cover a variety of topics and find well-informed, innovative speakers.

A Family Support worker is available to meet families. This program is free and does not need a referral. Our workers have up-to-date information about programs and resources as well as advocacy tips. These are some areas we can help with:

  1. Future Planning
    Enduring Power of Attorney
    Representation Agreements
  2. Financial Planning
    Registered Disability Savings Plans
    Tax and tax deductions
  3. Government Programs
    Persons with Disability Benefits and other BC Government Assistance Programs
    Community Living BC
    HandyDART (Accessible Transit)
    Employment Services
  4. Inclusive Community Resources
    Sports and Active Living
    Arts, Music and Culture